Pre-flight Checks

in Light-Sport Aircraft Engines

The following checklist should be performed for all preflight checks. Repair, as necessary, all discrepancies and shortcoming before flight.

  1. Verify ignition OFF.
  2. Check fuel content.
  3. Inspect for coolant leaks.
  4. Verify oil tank content (oil injection engines).
  5. Verify spark plug connectors for security.
  6. Inspect engine and gearbox for oil leaks.
  7. Inspect engine and gearbox for loose or missing nuts, bolts, and screws, and verify security of gearbox to engine mounting.
  8. Inspect propeller for splits and chips. If any damage, repair and/or rebalance before use.
  9. Verify security of propeller mounting.
  10. Check throttle, oil injection pump, and choke actuation for free and full movement.
  11. Verify that cooling fan turns when engine is rotated (air cooled engines).
  12. Inspect exhaust for cracks, security of mounting, springs, and hooks for breakage and wear, and verify safety wiring of springs.
  13. Start engine after assuring that area is clear of bystanders.
  14. Single ignition engines: check operation of ignition switch (flick ignition off and on again at idling).
  15. Dual ignition engines: check operation of both ignition circuits.
  16. Check operation of all engine instruments during warm up.
  17. If possible, visually check engine and exhaust for excessive vibration during warm up (indicates propeller out of balance).
  18. Verify that engine reaches full power rpm during takeoff roll.