Induction System Inspection and Maintenance

in Induction and Exhaust Systems

The induction system should be checked for cracks and leaks during all regularly scheduled engine inspections. The units of the system should be checked for security of mounting. The system should be kept clean at all times, since pieces of rags or paper can restrict the airflow if allowed to enter the air intakes or ducts. Loose bolts and nuts can cause serious damage if they pass into the engine.

On systems equipped with a carburetor air filter, the filter should be checked regularly. If it is dirty or does not have the proper oil film, the filter element should be removed and cleaned. After it has dried, it is usually immersed in a mixture of oil and rust-preventive compound. The excess fluid should be allowed to drain off before the filter element is reinstalled. Paper-type filters should be inspected and replaced as needed.

Induction System Troubleshooting

Figure 3-8 provides a general guide to the most common induction system troubles.

Figure 3-8. Common problems for troubleshooting induction systems.

Figure 3-8. Common problems for troubleshooting induction systems.

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