High-Tension Magneto E-Gap Setting (Bench Timing)

in Engine Ignition and Electrical Systems

The following steps are taken to check and adjust the timing of the breaker points for the S-200 magneto, which does not have timing marks in the breaker compartment:

Figure 4-45. Installing timing kit.

Figure 4-45. Installing timing kit.

  1. Remove the timing inspection plug from the top of the magneto. Turn the rotating magnet in its normal direction of rotation until the painted, chamfered tooth on the distributor gear is approximately in the center of the inspection window. Then, turn the magnet back a few degrees until it is in its neutral position. Because of its magnetism, the rotating magnet holds itself in the neutral position.
  2. Install the timing kit and place the pointer in the zero position. [Figure 4-45]
  3. Connect a suitable timing light across the main breaker points and turn the magnet in its normal direction of rotation 10° as indicated by the pointer. This is the E-gap position. The main breaker points should be adjusted to open at this point.
  4. Turn the rotating magnet until the cam follower is at the highpoint on the cam lobe, and measure the clearance between the breaker points. This clearance must be 0.018 inch ± 0.006 inch [0.46 millimeter (mm) ± 0.15 mm]. If the breaker point clearance is not within these limits, the points must be adjusted for correct setting. It is then necessary to recheck and readjust the timing for breaker opening. If the breaker points cannot be adjusted to open at the correct time, they should be replaced.

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