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in Engine Fuel and Fuel Metering Systems

A low-pressure filter is installed between the supply tanks and the engine fuel system to protect the engine-driven fuel pump and various control devices. An additional high-pressure fuel filter is installed between the fuel pump and the fuel control to protect the fuel control from contaminants that could come from the low pressure pump.

The three most common types of filters in use are the micron filter, the wafer screen filter, and the plain screen mesh filter. The individual use of each of these filters is dictated by the filtering treatment required at a particular location. The micron filter has the greatest filtering action of any presentday filter type and, as the name implies, is rated in microns. [Figure 2-62] (A micron is one thousandth of 1 millimeter.) The porous cellulose material frequently used in construction of the filter cartridges is capable of removing foreign matter measuring from 10–25 microns. The minute openings make this type of filter susceptible to clogging; therefore, a bypass valve is a necessary safety factor.

Figure 2-62. Aircraft fuel filter.

Figure 2-62. Aircraft fuel filter.

Since the micron filter does such a thorough job of removing foreign matter, it is especially valuable between the fuel tank and engine. The cellulose material also absorbs water, preventing it from passing through the pumps. If water does seep through the filter, which happens occasionally when filter elements become saturated with water, the water can and does quickly damage the working elements of the fuel pump and control units, since these elements depend solely on the fuel for their lubrication. To reduce water damage to pumps and control units, periodic servicing and replacement of filter elements is imperative. Daily draining of fuel tank sumps and low-pressure filters eliminates much filter trouble and undue maintenance of pumps and fuel control units.

The most widely used filters are the 200-mesh and the 35-mesh micron filters. They are used in fuel pumps, fuel controls, and between the fuel pump and fuel control where removal of micronic particles is needed. These filters, usually made of fine-mesh steel wire, are a series of layers of wire.

The wafer screen type of filter has a replaceable element, which is made of layers of screen disks of bronze, brass, steel, or similar material. [Figure 2-63] This type of filter is capable of removing micronic particles. It also has the strength to withstand high pressure.

Figure 2-63. Wafer screen filter.

Figure 2-63. Wafer screen filter.

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