Engine Fire Zones

in Engine Fire Protection Systems

The powerplant installation has several designated fire zones: (1) the engine power section; (2) the engine accessory section; (3) except for reciprocating engines, any complete powerplant compartment in which no isolation is provided between the engine power section and the engine accessory section; (4) any APU compartment; (5) any fuel-burning heater and other combustion equipment installation; (6) the compressor and accessory sections of turbine engines; and (7) combustor, turbine, and tailpipe sections of turbine engine installations that contain lines or components carrying flammable fluids or gases. Figure 9-7 shows fire protection for a large turbo fan engine.

Figure 9-7. Large turbofan engine fire zones.

Figure 9-7. Large turbofan engine fire zones. [click image to enlarge]

In addition to the engine and nacelle area zones, other areas on multiengine aircraft are provided with fire detection and protection systems. These areas include baggage compartments, lavatories, APU, combustion heater installations, and other hazardous areas. Discussion of fire protection for these areas is not included in this section, which is limited to engine fire protection.