Computing Area of Two-dimensional Solids – Wing Area

in Aviation Mathematics

Wing Area

To describe the shape of a wing [Figure 1-22], several terms are required. To calculate wing area, it will be necessary to know the meaning of the terms “span” and “chord.” The wingspan, S, is the length of the wing from wingtip to wingtip. The chord is the average width of the wing from leading edge to trailing edge. If the wing is a tapered wing, the average width, known as the mean chord (C), must be known to find the area. The formula for calculating wing area is:

Area of a wing = Span × Mean Chord

Example: Find the area of a tapered wing whose span is 50 feet and whose mean chord is 6’8″. First, substitute the known values in the formula.

Figure 1-22. Wing planform.

Figure 1-22. Wing planform.