Aviation Drawings Methods of Illustration – Flowcharts

in Aircraft Drawings

Flowcharts are used to illustrate a particular sequence, or flow of events.

Troubleshooting Flowchart

Troubleshooting flowcharts are frequently used for the detection of faulty components. They often consist of a series of yes or no questions. If the answer to a question is yes, one course of action is followed. If the answer is no, a different course of action is followed. In this simple manner, a logical solution to a particular problem may be achieved. Another type of flowchart, developed specifically for analysis of digitally controlled components and systems, is the logic flowchart.

Logic Flowchart

A logic flowchart [Figure 2-22] uses standardized symbols to indicate specific types of logic gates and their relationship to other digital devices in a system. Since digital systems make use of binary mathematics consisting of 1s and 0s, voltage or no voltage, a light pulse or no light pulse, and so forth, logic flowcharts consist of individual components that take an input and provide an output which is either the same as the input or opposite. By analyzing the input or multiple inputs, it is possible to determine the digital output or outputs.

Figure 2-22. Logic flowchart.

Figure 2-22. Logic flowchart.